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KRLD-AM: What Happens Now That the House Has a New Speaker?

“The unanimity seems to be because people in that room decided that they were pretty much done with this process.” — Dr. Thomas Gray, assistant professor of political science

The Associated Press: Can the New Film ‘Uncharitable’ Change People’s Minds About “Overhead” at Nonprofits?

“No one sets out to starve a nonprofit, but no one sets out to be inefficient.” — Dr. Elizabeth Searing, assistant professor of public and nonprofit management

Good Morning America: Former NICU Neighbors Are Now College Roommates

“This was something we were born with, and so we have to treat it with care, but also we have to live life, as well, and set goals.” — Tate Lewis, business administration junior

“We’ve already defied so many odds, and we’ve already gone against so many expectations of what our life was going to be like, so it makes me really hopeful for the future.” — Seth Rippentrop, physics senior

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UT Dallas Magazine

Research Rising

Research Rising

Each day, UT Dallas faculty and students seek new knowledge through research, one of the three pillars of New Dimensions: The Campaign for UT Dallas.

Engineering Health

Engineering Health

UT Dallas bioengineers strive for health care solutions through innovation and entrepreneurship.

From Molecules to Medicine

From Molecules to Medicine

The success of UT Dallas’ first startup company — Macrocyclics — illustrates the transformative impact of public investment in university research.

Sustain Ability

Sustain Ability

Researchers across the UT Dallas campus are developing new technologies and strategies to address sustainability challenges.


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telescope blog icon The Telescope Blog

Redesigned License Plate Provides Fresh Way To Drive UTD Pride

The University has launched a redesign of its specialty Texas license plate, which is available for personalization and purchase.

UTD To Be Stellar Site for Rare Sight During Eclipse Season

A partial solar eclipse will be visible in North Texas on Oct. 14, 2023.

Summer Program Bolsters International Research Ties

Six doctoral students from the country of Georgia visited campus to enhance their research and writing skills and facilitating scholarly partnerships.

Timely Topic: Physicist Explains Urban Heat Islands, Ways To Cool Down Effects

Dr. David Lary provides some positive steps communities can take to help mitigate the effects of urban heat islands.

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